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Registration Sessions For New, Non-Members

Becoming registered with IBEW Local 876 (commonly referred to as "Getting on our Out-of-Work Books") is a simple and straightforward process that begins with one of our monthly registration sessions at the Union Hall. These sessions provide prospective members with an overview of the benefits of union membership and the steps required to join. 

There is NO COST associated with attending a registration session.  Attending a registration session does not guarantee acceptance or admission into IBEW Local 876.  These sessions are merely one step in becoming a member. 


Registration Sessions are for non-members seeking access to our Out-of-Work Books, and are entirely independent of our Apprenticeship Programs.  For more information about our Apprenticeships, please click here.



Registration sessions are held once a month, in groups.  Pre-registration for these sessions is required, and spaces are limited.  Contact the hall at 616-784-1133 or Pre-Register Online to secure your spot in one of these sessions.  


Attend a Group Registration

Be sure to bring documentation regarding your past experience - any applicable certificates, driving endorsements, proof of hours worked in related fields, etc.  This information will help ensure we get you placed on the right list.  Our experienced representatives will also answer any questions you may have and guide you through the registration process.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.  We have a place for you even if you're just starting in the trade!

Attending a registration session and gaining access to our books does not grant you membership to the IBEW.  It is merely the second step in a process towards becoming a member. 


Watch & Bid

After registration, you'll receive access to our job bidding books - the next step in becoming a member.  Prospective members are encouraged to watch the books for available jobs, and bid on any jobs they are interested in and qualified for.  The bid system is described in more detail during the registration session.


Accept A Position

If your bid is accepted, our Dispatcher will reach out to let you know, and schedule a time for you to come back to the Union Hall to fill out new member paperwork.  You'll also be given a date and time to attend one of our General Membership meetings - where you will officially be inducted into membership.


Come to Initiation

Attend your assigned General Membership meeting, which is when your application to join IBEW Local 876 will be voted on by the assembled members.  If the assembled membership approves, you will then be an official IBEW member.


For Traveling IBEW Members, getting access to our Out of Work Books requires you to submit the following to our Dispatcher:

  1. A Letter of Introduction from your Home Local

  2. A copy of your current, up-to-date Dues ticket

  3. A copy of your valid Driver's License.

  4. Current contact information (phone number and email address)

Send this information to to gain access to our Out of Work Books.

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