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A Great Place To Start

The IBEW offers high paying, safety-oriented, exciting careers in a variety of fields.  IBEW Local Union 876 works specifically in the Outside Construction market, meaning we work and play outdoors!  We offer the chance to see our great state (and nation) from a new perspective, while getting paid!

Our careers offer on-the-job training through apprenticeship programs, where you'll earn money while you learn side-by-side with a seasoned employee.  Some programs require an application into the apprenticeship program, while others let you enter into the field directly. 



Our Teledata employees keep America connected.

Cell Tower Technicians, Communication Lineman, Fiber Optic and Cable Splicers, Groundman, Truck Drivers and more keeps American's connected with the latest Teledata networks.


Our Linemen and women literally power America.

Substation Technicians, Linemen, Heavy Equipment Operators and more work side-by-side to install and maintain the overhead distribution and transmission lines that move electrical power from power plants to local consumers such as businesses, homes and factories. They also install and maintain poles and towers and underground systems.



Our Signal employees keep American's moving!  

Traffic Signal Techs, Fiber Optic Splicers, Labor Crew and Operators install and maintain traffic signaling and lighting equipment across our great state. These members help keep America moving forward safely!


Our Tree crews keep the lights on by making sure mother nature doesn't get in the way.

Tree Trimmers, Drivers and Brush Handlers are an integral part of the team that keeps power flowing by keeping nature away from Michigan's power grid.  Properly maintained foliage is vital in keeping the power turned on.



At the IBEW, we believe you should be properly compensated for your hard work.  That's why we've negotiated industry leading wages for our members.


A healthy workforce is a dependable workforce.  That's why our contracts include generous Healthcare benefits.  These benefits are in addition to your hourly wage rate.

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Hard work pays off with retirement plans you can count on. Bargained-for retirement benefits help you plan for your future.  Retirement benefits are in addition to your hourly wage rate!

what happens next

We know it can be confusing!

Once you've decided which career sounds right for you, we can help guide you to the appropriate next steps.

Our Electrical Lineman, Substation Technician and Traffic Signal Technician careers require an application and acceptance into a formal Apprentice School known as ALBAT.  These programs can be quite competitive, and require some effort to get accepted into. You should anticipate the need for an application to the program, an aptitude test, and a formal interview in front of a hiring board.  And while this might sound intimidating, know that we want you to succeed!  Once you're accepted, you'll earn a wage while you learn the trade!  To learn more about what this process looks like, we recommend visiting the ALBAT website, here.



All other programs through our hall have informal apprenticeship programs, meaning you can get to work as soon as we have a position available for you.  With these informal programs, you'll work side-by-side with a seasoned  employee who will teach you the skills needed to succeed.  And remember, unlike college or trade school, this is a paid apprenticeship, so you will be earning a wage while you learn the trade!

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